Importance of Personal Hygiene for Elderly Care

Personal hygiene is vital for all. Personal hygiene improves an individual’s mental & physical well-being. However, as we grow older beyond 60, it may be challenging to do daily activities. In many cases, lack of personal hygiene may affect self-esteem, which adversely affects their mental well-being.

The importance of good personal hygiene must not be ignored, especially when you have elderly adults in your family.


People with senior adults in their families should understand the seriousness of body cleanliness. Daily showering is essential. For elders using soft cloths soaked in warm water to clean their bodies may help maintain personal hygiene. Proper showering can be done once or twice as directed by the Physician. It is vital to check the water temperature before taking a shower and use prescribed soaps and shampoo. Most importantly, do the scrubbing gently as their skin is more fragile. Finally, use moisturizer as a recommended one.

Oral Hygiene

Older adults are vulnerable to oral and dental issues, viz—gum-related diseases, bad breath, foul-smelling, root decay, etc. Daily brushing with warm water ensure good oral health

Grooming and Dressing

Grooming and dressing up are essential parts of personal hygiene. Wash and dry under the sun, do regularly daily. Always make sure you pick up the clean undergarments after getting them from the shower. And when selecting the clothes for elders, you must ask them first. It makes them unique and confident. The most important thing is to get timely haircuts and nail care.

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