Elderly In-home Companionship care in Bangalore

Companionship refers to a company, friendship, or the state of being with someone in a friendly way.

Companionship care is a non-medical home care service that provides the necessary support to elderly and disabled people. An elderly companionship caregiver offers the utmost emotional support to the elderly during their difficult times. A companion caregiver is a friend who can always be there.

Reasons to consider companionship care services at home

In-home companionship care is an integral part of eldercare. When we discuss senior wellness, all aspects of mental illness like loneliness, depression, and social barriers are often less visible than physical wellness. Elderly companionship services handle both states of health with care.

Depression is a significant cause of isolation and loneliness. The number of depression cases is higher in elderly adults than in any other age group. The social gap is the critical factor of depression in elder groups. Day by day, their loved ones have moved away from them. This leaves elders with nobody to talk to, and they live in loneliness, detached from the outside world.


RMM Healthcare, the best Companionship Care at the home provider in Bangalore, aims to help elders in Bangalore live independently with dignity and respect in their homes.

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