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Health-related issues can arise at any time, and watching your loved ones suffering from a debilitating condition and struggling to perform their daily activities can be an excruciating feeling. Even though you wish to spend time to help them in managing their daily activities, your busy schedules may not let you do so and leave you feeling helpless. However, you no longer have to worry about this issue with the professional team of trained home attendant experts. RMM Healthcare has been engaged in delivering the best personalized care services in Bangalore at affordable prices. We provide trained home attendants who take care of the person's daily activities such as personal feeding, grooming, mobility, light housekeeping, monitor 24x7, and assist with personal hygiene, nutrition, and meals & medication reminders. Our attendants are also trained to handle general health checkups like regularly measuring blood pressure, heart rate, etc.

In-home long-term care Bangalore


Aging is a natural process, and proper care is imperative for older adults to lead healthy lives. Care for the older person cannot be limited to one or two disciplines but is best provided through a cooperative effort. Elderly care in Bangalore fulfills the needs and requirements that are unique to senior citizens. Whether you need a personal attendant to take care of the daily activities of your elderly loved person or to prevent them from falls and injuries, you can trust RMM elder care services for emotional support and companionship.

Bedside Care

Whether you seek to hire bedside attendants in Bangalore for infants, children, or adults who are recuperating from illness or recovering from injury, we provide bedside attendants who are trained to offer round-the-clock care for people of all ages. Our attendants are fully trained to handle relevant medical procedures involved in the care of bed-ridden patients and provide assistance with daily activities, including bathing, mobility assistance, and personal care to post-operative patients.

Significance of medicine reminder assistance for elderly adults Bangalore
Personalized care Bangalore

Alzheimer & Dementia care

Dementia is a term used to describe various types of brain disorders caused by the physical changes in the brain due to the loss of cells and the breakdown of nerve connections. At RMM, we provide in-home Alzheimer’s and dementia care in Bangalore to help people with these disorders live out their remaining lives with respect and dignity.

Parkinson’s care

Taking care of a loved one who is suffering from Parkinson’s disease is never easy. In the early stages, they may only need proper assistance and help in running errands and transportation. As the condition progresses and their symptoms become debilitating, 

They can’t handle their daily activities themselves. However, you don’t have to leave your loved ones alone as we will be there to take care of them. The Parkinson’s disease caregivers in Bangalore at RMM Healthcare understand the needs of a person afflicted with the disease to do it better.

Elderly In-home Companionship care in Bangalore

What People Say


My father, age 76, was completely bedridden, and we booked Gautham, a trained home attendant from RMM Healthcare Bangalore, for bedside care. My father is back now to his everyday life, and he is pleased with his service. Thank you, RMM team.

Mr. Md. Nasir

Sanjay Nagar, Bangalore

The RMM team of professional home care services has helped us improve many aspects of our lives, including social life. The personal caregiver Sujatha works hard and knows what she is doing. Thank you.

Mrs. Padmavati

Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore

I was inquiring about some homecare facilities for my mother last month in Bangalore and was impressed by the knowledge of this one. They have nurses on staff in addition to trained caregivers.

Mrs. Poornima

BG Road, Bangalore

I cannot thank you enough for your understanding and support through our difficult times. I would highly recommend RMM Healthcare, the best home care service in Bangalore, to anyone. Your organization has made our life easier.

Mr. Mathew

Whilefield, Bangalore

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