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Equipment on Sale

Medical Equipment on Sale in Bangalore

Amid the troublesome periods of life, you or your loved ones may have to depend on various medical and health care equipment to return to everyday life. With the experience and the network we have in the industry, we ensure that you will have the best medical equipment at competitive prices.


A nebulizer is a portable machine that turns liquid medicine solutions into vapour. You can breathe through a connected mouthpiece. It is an effective therapy for respiratory conditions. Nebulizer machines are available for sale at a very affordable price in Bangalore.

Air Bed

Pressure caused by the injury is a significant concern, especially with older people who spend a lot of time lying down in bed. Air beds are mainly used to prevent pressure injuries. It allows more air and protects the patient better.

BP Machine

BP Machine is used to give a reading of the blood pressure but also monitor pulse rate. If someone is suffering from blood pressure, a BP machine must be kept at your home. Here at RMM Healthcare, both digital and manual BP machines are available that are easy to use.

Commode Chair

Commode chairs are meant for elderly, bedridden and post-operative people. It comes with or without wheels.

Adult Diapers

Adult diapers protect skin from rashes. The material is super soft, waterproof and gives a comfortable feeling. Its absorbent gel quickly locks fluid and controls odour. It saves upto 13 hrs. Both pull-up and tabs version unisex adult diapers are available.

What People Say


My father, age 76, was completely bedridden, and we booked Gautham, a trained home attendant from RMM Healthcare Bangalore, for bedside care. My father is back now to his everyday life, and he is pleased with his service. Thank you, RMM team.

Mr. Md. Nasir

Sanjay Nagar, Bangalore

The RMM team of professional home care services has helped us improve many aspects of our lives, including social life. The personal caregiver Sujatha works hard and knows what she is doing. Thank you.

Mrs. Padmavati

Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore

I was inquiring about some homecare facilities for my mother last month in Bangalore and was impressed by the knowledge of this one. They have nurses on staff in addition to trained caregivers.

Mrs. Poornima

BG Road, Bangalore

I cannot thank you enough for your understanding and support through our difficult times. I would highly recommend RMM Healthcare, the best home care service in Bangalore, to anyone. Your organization has made our life easier.

Mr. Mathew

Whilefield, Bangalore